Announcements - January 24, 2021

Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of God by Betty Ebbeskotte in memory of Paul Ebbeskotte.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Kathryn Hoover. She passed away January 8 at Altercare. Graveside services were held on January 13 at St. Paul cemetery. Pastor Scherner

Remember to sign up for flowers for 2021. They are $30 and you can give the money to Marilyn Long, treasurer. Checks can be made payable to Women of the Church.

Covid-Safe Women's Bible Study: We are trying something new and safe for Bible Study. We will by studying "Prayer and Listening" by Jan Johnson. The idea is for each lady to complete the study throughout the week. Then on Wednesday morning about 9:30 I will email everyone with a few thoughts and questions about the study to get the discussion started. It will be a work in progress!! If you are interested, please let me know so I can order you a book. You can order without participating on Wedesnday mornings. You can call 419-562-5262 or email Looking forward to getting back in the Word with you! Karen Scherner

The women of the church have decided to revamp the church prayer chain. The list was quite old and several people on it have died and we've also had many new members that may wish to be added. The sheet on the bulleting board in the entryway will be up through the end of February and to give everyone a chance to sign up. As you'll see, there will be a place for you name, then place either for your email or phone number of how you wish to be contacted in the correct column. For those choosing email, that could be very quick as a mass email could be set up to send; if you aren't one to check your email very often or don't ahve one, you could receive a text; or receive an actual phone call. If anyone would like to be the 1st contact person that Pastor or Joyce notify, please let Deb Feicthner know before the end of February. Please call Deb at 419-492-2215 or email her at

St Paul Lutheran Congregation and Church Council. Thank you very much for your kind words and generous gift. I want you to know it is an honor and pleasure to serve the Lord and the folks at St. Paul. Sincerely, Tom Bush

George Sheets & Council. Thank you for the extremely generous gift. It is an honor and pleasure to serve St. Paul and congregation. I look forward to another year of serving our Heavenly Father with all of you. David Halsey

If anyone would like the Pastor to visit or you know someone who needs a visit, please contact Pastor Scherner at 419-562-5262, contact the church office at 419-562-5858 or email the church at or Pastor Scherner at