Announcements - May 15, 2022

Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of God in memory of Esther L. Wagner by her family.

The Women of the Church have placed buckets in both entry ways for the NALC Disaster Response. We are collecting MONEY, as we did last year so they can purchase the supplies they need to fill the warehouses. If writing a check, it can be made out to Women of the Church.

Dear Friends of St. Paul, Denny and I would like to thank the God Squad for your generous gift card after Denny's surgery. Also a big thank you to those who sent cards and asked about him. We are truly blessed! Denny & Kathy Siefert

If anyone would like the Pastor to visit or you know someone who needs a visit, please contact Pastor Scherner at 419-562-5262, contact the church office at 419-562-5858 or email the church at or Pastor Scherner at